Hush Salon Hair Care Tips

1. Don’t over highlight
The purpose of highlights is to add dimension to your hair, making your face brighter. Too many highlights end up looking like a single process.

2. Pick the right Color
If you have a pinkish skin tone you should use a cool color, a warm color will make the skin tone appear more pink. Olive skin tones should use warm honey gold tones, cool shades make the skin tone look washed out.

3. Cool water
At the end of your shower rinse with cool to cold water, this helps hair look shiny and smooth. Love it!

4. Brows are important too
A shade or two darker brow looks nice with lighter hair and creates definition, a shade or two lighter brow with dark hair softens your look. We offer brow tinting resulting in the perfect accent to your hair color and face feature.

5. Deep Conditioning Treatments
Deep Conditioning Treatments are a must with hair color. Using a mask once a week adds moisture and hydration, we recommend Moroccanoil Restorative Mask or Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. (Available at Hush Salon)

6. Use UV protectant
Sun fades hair color,so using a UV protectant is key with color maintenance. We suggest Moroccanoil Oil Treatment or Unite U Luxury Oil both containing high concentrations of pure Argan oil, a Natural UV thermal protector. (Available at Hush Salon)