Treat Your Nails As Jewels

Treat Your Nails as Jewels

By following these steps quick and simple tips you can prolong your No Chip nail service: Do not pick the no chip This may cause your gel to lift, and possibly chip. Do not file or shorten your nails. The free edge of the natural nail will be removed allowing water in then cause lifting and possibly chip. Wear gloves during gardening, scrubbing, cleaning. Scrubbing materials will cause lifting and possibly chip. Do not work with harsh chemicals such as ammonia, which could result in the softening of gels causing it to chip. Prolonged use of fruit acids can cause gel to soften and possibly chip. Some essential oils can cause gel to soften and possibly chip.

Soak off Process

No Chip soak off description: It is best to have it removed at a salon since the technician wraps your nail in a cotton, PROPER soak-off-solution, and foil. Then, expertly scrapes any gel that is not easily removed. Followed by applying a nail strengthener. Removing a no chip at home can cause damage to the natural nail. On average, a no chip mani lasts up to 2 weeks, sometimes longer. We do not guarantee 2 weeks. Any nail that chips within the first 5 day period of your no chip will be repaired at no cost anything beyond 5 days is 4.00 per nail. Proper home care can prolong your nail service but not guarantee it.